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Foster Double Lens

Foster perimeter infrared barriers are the ideal solution to safely and reliably protect outdoor areas. The barriers come in both single lens and double lens varieties, offering a maximum outdoor range of 229-328 ft (70-100 meters), and are able to control up to 16 crossed beams. The barriers range in size from 3 to 10 feet in length. 

Foster presents solutions that are specifically designed to protect perimeter areas from intrusion or vandalism in all situations. This is a unique barrier with an excellent quality/price ratio. Their strong points are robustness, safety and optimum resistance to weathering.

All barriers are the ideal solution for perpetual protection: supplied as standard with an automatic temperature control system that is particularly useful in the presence of condensation and frost. Their special disqualification function minimizes false alarms caused by thick fog.

​This configuration guarantees a highly efficient detection system because each transmitter is "viewed" by a single receiver.
Foster Active Infrared Barriers

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