- Maximum range of 330 ft outdoors
- Double lens 
- Easy and quick to align
- Pre-cabled and ready for installation
- Built-in automatic temperature control
- Aluminum structure and polycarbonate cover
- Available heights from  3 to 10 ft
- Protection class IP65
- Power supply for internal installation (accessory)
Garden Perimeter Infrared Barriers

Slingshot Security, LLC

Security Analysis & Design

GARDEN is a perimeter infrared column with crossed beams and a double lens. Camouflaged as a lamp post, it offers styling appeal and ultimate functionality. GARDEN is available in various dimensions and heights and it is especially recommended for hostile situations and environments such as low temperatures, fog, humidity, and strong wind gusts. It comes with an automatic temperature control system and a specific disqualification function, making it a sturdy and reliable model. 


- Villas 
- Resorts
- Houses of Worship
- Parking Garages
- Gardens
- Rooftops
- Sports centers
- Office buildings