Slingshot Security, LLC

Security Analysis & Design

Amir Schwartz Esq, Head of K-9 Operations
Mr. H. Perry, President
Mr. H. Perry is President of Slingshot Security, LLC. He has been focusing on structural and perimeter security for over three decades, having personally developed security solutions for dozens of projects at government facilities and private organizations around the world. His expertise has helped protect United States DOD and DOE facilities, correctional institutions, nuclear sites, energy facilities, airports, and other industrial as well as private facilities. Mr. Perry’s work can be found in the United States, Canada, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mr. Perry is an expert in engineering design perimeter security systems for both military and commercial projects. Prior to co-founding Slingshot, he was as executive officer of a security corporation, managing engineering design groups. Mr. Perry has 18 years of military experience, where he focused on long distance fence protection systems and critical infrastructure security systems' design and maintenance.  He also has extensive, direct experience with border security systems.

With an electrical engineering degree, Mr. Perry is also the inventor of a number of technologies that are now registered US patents in the perimeter and security fields. 
Amir Schwartz is the owner founder of the Israeli K-9 Training Center, a dog and dog handlers training center as well as a developer of K-9 units’ specialty product.

Amir retired at the rank of Lieutenant from an IDF Navy special ops unit on 1991 at which time he was trained and certified as a dog trainer by the Israeli K9 Association. He has since got low and business management degrees and is a member of the Israeli law bar association.

In 1991 Amir was trained and certified in the USA as law enforcement and explosive detection dog trainer. And has since than trained and provided to various defense and law enforcement authorities in Israel and Europe.

The Israeli K-9 Training Centers in cooperation with a leading Israeli collage operate a dog trainers’/handlers’ school where dozens of dog trainers have been trained and certified in the last decade. Amir is specializing in law enforcement dogs covering the areas from the individual dog training to the complete unit organization.