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RELLOs advantages include:


 - Maximum range of 25 feet (8 meters)
- Immunity up to 2 GHz
- Immunity to white light
- Sensor dimensions 95mm x 28mm x 35mm
- Tropicalized card
- Perfect for monitoring and detecting openings while       permitting motion in the rooms themselves

RELLOS is a passive infrared curtain sensor that protects door and window frames by detecting transverse motion. Its ability to automatically compensate for sudden temperature changes makes it suitable for installation even in critical situations. 

The stability of the infrared ray makes it immune to the effects of drafts, permitting outdoor use provided it is not directly exposed to weathering agents (rain and sunshine). 

The RELLOS sensor creates a very small curtain beam (about 7°) and has a range of up to 25 feet (8 meters). It is perfect for monitoring and detecting openings while permitting motion in the rooms themselves.

Rellos Passive Infrared Curtain Sensor