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Sabra is an innovative multi-function transducer sensor for perimeter and security systems, designed to reduce the overall cost while maintaining excellent performance. It can be installed on any type of fence, concertina coil, wall or perimeter obstacle, as well as underground and underwater.

Sabra provides excellent detection resolution; its sensor algorithms are adaptive, with parameters that are updated by its control center.


- Easy to install and link to existing alarm systems 
- No field processors, power or boxes necessary for sites up to 10,000 ft.
- Multiple-sensing & detection ability in the same transducer/communication lines
- Transducers are fully weatherproof – IP67 standard
- Waterproof, underwater version is available
- Active mechanical self-test, using a coin vibrator – Patent pending
​- Built-in temperature/fire detector
- Built-in magnetic sensor for passageway
- Easy interface either with Host Server, CCTV  or off the shelf alarm systems
- Easy installation – can be installed on any type of existing fence or wall
​- Low price


Suitable for high security sites and high value sites, such as airports, military bases, energy facilities, and schools. The system can operate when fully  submerged  under water to a depth of 100 ft which makes it suitable for  installation on underwater and high humidity, salt environment barriers. In addition to its vibration sensing the sensor can be used as a magnetic sensor for use at gates and openings and as a temperature sensor. Any sensor in the line can be used as a check-in point to assist in the monitoring and safety of roving patrols
Sabra Perimeter Protection Multi-Function Sensor