​- Maximum range of 100 ft 

- Dual LED
- Available heights from 20 inches to 10 ft
- Wire synchronism connection
- Expandable up to a maximum of 10 beams
- Beams adjustable within the profile
- Custom profile sizes available upon request
- Aluminum structure and polycarbonate cover

- Protection class IP54

winneR protects:

- Windows 
- Balconies
- Corridors
- Garages

- Porticoes

- Terraces

- Skylights

WINNER is a dual led IR barrier with parallel beams, specifically designed for the protection of doors and windows. The device is made up of two parallel profiles to be installed on either side of the entrances that are to be protected, detecting outside intrusion and leaving you with peace of mind when windows and doors are open. Thanks to its compact dimensions (starting at 20 inches), they can be easily installed in small spaces between doors, windows, blinds and shutters. WINNER guarantees an excellent reliability standard, with high immunity to sunlight and insects. WINNER has a maximum range of 100ft outdoors. It is sturdy, secure, easy to install and available in either black or white. 
Winner Dual LED Infrared Barrier

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